Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Giveaway!!!!!!!!

This is my first giveaway and will not be the last! All you have to do is stop by for a spell, leave a comment here as well as future posts, and your name will be put in the cauldron. Yes I really do have several cauldrons and even a few brooms.....not sure what the item will be, I am up for suggestions, though I have a few ideas........It will be a Halloween piece of course! I will have a picture posted within a week. The drawing will be Sunday March 15th.........Your name will be put in one time only......... Vikki


  1. Hi Vikki
    Love the witch. Looks like she is cooking up a spell. I am new to this blogging so you may get more than one comment at a time from me. I click on things way to much. LOL Looking forward to your new ebay items.

  2. Hi Cindy
    Into the cauldron your name goes!! I am new to this also ,even lost my blog and with a few lucky clicks got it back....Good luck!

  3. Hi Vikki, Love the pedestal bowl,the old boogie man caught my eye, you just don't see that kind of vintage art anywhere, and beleive me I've looked. How did you get into Halloween art? Love all your furry friends, who is PopPop?, we have 2 cats and 6 border collies, I clean alot! I'll be watching for your new art.Take Care, Aline

  4. Hi Ali,
    I am a nurse and traveled with a patient I took care of for over 17yrs. I stayed with his sister-in-law in Stamford Conn. and my cat traveled with me. Pop Pop was her dog and they became great friends. I use to throw huge Halloween parties (I will post pictures)and then owned a costume shop. So now I paint, interesting where the path in life takes us. In the cauldron your name goes and good luck.