Monday, August 3, 2009

Halloween Countdown and lots to do!!!

Here are some pictures of that grandfather type floor clock. This is the inside back panel and I am going to have it so there is a light to turn on it. No pendulm. Makes you want to jump in and join the party! I have a table full of items base coated and sketched out so will be going back and forth. Where is Merlin with that magic wand when you need him. Halloween is fast approaching !!!


  1. Hey Vikki,
    looking wonderful. I just love your imagery. To me it's like the lost issues of Bogie Book. I'm sure they would have had you do a Bogie Book cover had you been around. Keep it up and give the kittys a big hug for me. I just love em.

  2. hi...just found your blog and love it! what a great piece this will be. you might want to check out my blog when you have time. i have been posting pics from a few trips but you might want to have a look at my witch collection. just click on witch collection in my sidebar.