Friday, June 12, 2009

The Never Ending Clock Now Done!!!!!

Well finally done, just putting on the varnish then have to get it back together, attach the wood pieces, then get it to a clock person. Here are some pictures, but will be really cool when all together hanging up. Not sure about how I am going to list it, buy it now, list with reserve, or just list and see what happens. This was not an easy piece to paint and this clock is over twenty years old so it will never be repeated.. enjoy the pictures.........


  1. Love it! Great job, love the witch on the side.

  2. Thanks so much, now getting it back together, glass and all, even a spider on the pendulum!

  3. Hello, and WOW! Your Halloween clock is the most spectacular piece! It took my breath away. Your talent is amazing and so inspirational indeed!

    "Bag #2" Ellen